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by Jackie Schams

I am super into physical strength and work out 5 days a week with a trainer. Adding Jackie and Pilates has been a game changer. She is an amazing instructor and she has helped tremendously with my flexibility . FIVE out of FIVE stars
Tazia J.

Jackie is an experienced pilates instructor who is comprehensively trained through the Balanced Body Pilates Certification Program. She’s been teaching pilates for 4 years and has extensive knowledge in a number of areas. Although she prefers to teach athletic style, she’s well versed in the classic teaching method and does rehabilitation for some of her current clients.

When she’s not teaching pilates private sessions or training private clients you’ll find her spending time with her 10 year old daughter, doing reformer pilates or hot kickboxing privates, swinging kettlebells, hiking or traveling. She’s known for her simple but incredibly effective movements that she incorporates in her flows. 

A Pilates Collective focuses on physical well-being, injury rehabilitation, and strength training.

Tone and shape your body at our studio using our Cadillac reformers, kettlebells, and Pilates chairs.

A Pilates Collective is dedicated to supporting your path to health and wellness. Whether you want to jumpstart your pilates training with private sessions or join group reformer classes, sign up for one of our packages!

Jackie using kettlebell

Incorporating competition kettlebells into your exercise routine can allow you to see improvements in mobility, agility, cardio, endurance, and strength. Many studies have been done and some of the recognized benefits of kettlebells have included core stability, cardiovascular health, body composition, strength, endurance and power. Kettlebells have also shown to compare favorably to brisk treadmill walking by doing swings at a continuous moderate pace. Kettlebells paired with pilates in my opinion is the perfect combo.

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